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Journey through Papua New Guinea's captivating past

Author Stuart Hawthorne delves into PNG's diverse history, drawing on his local knowledge as an expatriate.

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Stuart Hawthorne was eight years old when he moved to Port Moresby in 1957. He lived there for 20 years, leaving two years after PNG became an independent country. Though his formal background is in other disciplines (philosophy and science), Stuart Hawthorne became, as he puts it, something of an accidental historian in 2003 with the publication of The Kokoda Trail: A History.

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Port Moresby: Taim bipo

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The Kokoda Trail: A History

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"Stuart Hawthorne has woven a tale that was most definitely worth telling. Obviously the work of an experienced writer and historian with an intimate and long-term knowledge of the subject."

Queensland Parliamentary Library


 "Extremely well researched … a very readable and engrossing account of the most cherished of Australian icons"

Group Captain Greg Ison

"A fascinating insight into the turbulent history of the Trail. Stuart Hawthorne displays a clear understanding based on his personal knowledge and experience."

Brigadier Gordon Jones AM

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